- Create, Observe, Discover New Materials - 

In our group we aim to create innovative materials that contribute to the environment, energy, medicine, information technologies. Our interest is related to nanometric functional materials. Especially plasmonic materials where free electrons are spacially and energetically constraint. Applications of our research include high-performance biosensors, filtering devices and magnetic devices. We develop such new materials by combining top-down lithography techniques and bottom-up self assembly methods.
The fabricated novel materials are evaluated by state-of-the-art instruments. Besides material/device fabrication, we also develop new electron microscopy techniques. New "eyes" open the door to discovery.

This group has recently started. (June 2014) We are looking for motivated grad-students/post-docs who are willing to start up new labs, new instruments and new research. Feel free to contact us by email (sannomiya.t.aa(at)m.titech.ac.jp)

School of
Materials & Chem.Tech.
Sannomiya Lab.

226-8502 J2-49, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midoriku, Yokohama, Japan; | sannomiya.t.aa (at) m.titech.ac.jp

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